Carry On Painting And Renovating - Quality & Service With Care

                  Quality & Service
                         With Care

   **  "My value and workmanship is guaranteed or I'll give you your money back"
                                        (experienced with new homes)

                          interior / exterior painting and repairs
                          remove / apply wallpaper
                          remove / install carpet
                          strip woodwork
                          repair, repaint laminate counter tops
                          apply wood stain and clear coats
                          paint baseboards, trim work and doors
                          paint garage doors
                          repair, repaint exterior windows and doors
                          install underlay, install laminate, hardwood floors
                          removal of 'popcorn' ceilings
                          apply texture spray on ceilings
                          replace patio and window screens
                          interior / exterior caulking
                          replace weather stripping
                          power washing and painting of siding or brick
                          painting / staining of fences
                          other handyman services

     **   Repair and repaint all windows and doors,                        TWO WINDOWS ARE FREE        
      **  Replace one exterior door or window screen,
                      SECOND SCREEN IS FREE          

        416 - 768 - 5006     
           Call for a guaranteed quote                  

        " For poor quality, crooked 'cuts', and sloppy
               workmanship, please call someone else"

                               References available                 
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